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Back from the MED roadtrip – October 2014

The first MED roadtrip entitled 'MED ON THE MOVE' was realised: From 14th to 24th October four annual events took place within the MED territories. Following the aim to intensify the dialogue with actors in the MED regions and create better links between the INTERREG MED Programme and the so-called 'maintreaming' programmes on national and regional level, this territorially divided approach had been chosen for the final MED event. In total around 500 participants came to Valencia, Thessaloniki, Ljubljana and Florence. 

Please find written conclusions, live stream extracts, pictures and more documentation on the MED website.

MED cooperation future in sight!

The transnational Cooperation Programme MED 2014-2020 has recently been submitted to the European Commission. Information on the concrete contents submitted and next steps to be taken are available on the web. You can equally find results of analyses and consultations carried out during the development process are. 



New information is now available on our website section: ‘National Information’ on INTERREG 2014-2020! Find out which territorial cooperation programme is implemented in your region HERE.


The MED Maritime Integrated projects: a bridge to the MED future

The final call for integrated maritime projects of the programming period 2007-2013 was launched in July 2014. 14 maritime projects habe been selected proposing concrete orientations for potential future key projects aiming for "Blue Growth".

Within this framework, five capitalisation conferences have been designed. Starting in Termoli, continuing to Rome, the third conference on “Blue energies in the Mediterranean sea" was held on 10th December in Marseilles. Partners and stakeholders debated on the potentialities to develop technologies in coherence with the characteristics of the Mediterranean sea, and to mobilize financial resources in a coordinated way.

Two further capitalisation conferences are foreseen in spring on maritime and coastal sustainable tourism and on accessibility, ports and sustainable transports... PLUS

Recently awarded... 

The project URBAN EMPATHY has recently been awarded for the video “Capitali…What?” in the framework of the European Cooperation Day 2014. The City of Malaga realising this video in a very imaginative approach, now also received (in the framework of the Elih-MED project) the EUROCITIES Award 2014 in the category of participation under the central theme "energising cities – energy intelligent cities". 

Also another MED partner, the University of Cyprus (participating in the PV-NET project), won a prize: During the 29th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibitionthis event held in Amsterdam in September 2014, the project was awarded for the best visual presentation in the field of Operations, Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaics.


Spotlight on project results... 


Sharing expertise

HOMER has developed a microsite to showcase its final results. Action plans, pilot actions, publications, information on the HOMER federation can be found HERE.   

  • MORE on HOMER federation 


The capitalisation project MER has recently launched a wiki-book, a digital book that can be modified and enriched online. The idea from which they started was to create a collaborative working environment allowing involved institutions to capitalise on experiences and spread them through the channels of Web 2.0. This knowledge and best-practise platform will be constantly updated and can grow dynamically, promissing conditions to involve stakeholders, researchers, journalists, companies and local authorities. 



ZEROWASTE PRO is another capitalisation project that worked on a collaborative tool: The ZERO WASTE PRO Networking Platform offers the possiblity to gather experiences and expertises on waste management issues and to share deliverables by uploading them. Projects from various other cooperation programmes do already participate. 


What impacts on the regions?

MARIE elaborated a model analysing the barriers related to energy efficiency and renewable energy in building stock. The regions of Catalonia, Andalusia, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Piedmont built their energetic plans based on this model. Another important outcome of the MARIE project is the cross-capitalisation process with the Elih-MED and PROFORBIOMED projects resulting in the publication of a policy paper on a common strategy for energy renovation of Mediterranean buildings followed by the Ljubljana Declaration... MORE


More results in short: 

  • CreativeMED Green Paper:  The CreativeMED Model for Smart Specialisation defines a common “Mediterranean way” and aims to support the mobilisation of local actors in order to enrich entrepreneurial discovery... MORE
  • Institutionalising CAT-MED platform was one of the URBAN EMPATHY capitalisation project's objectives. Malaga Charter, videos, results: find out the last activities of the project HERE.
  • The MEDESS-4MS project created an integrated operational multi-model oil spill drift prediction service. Read all the information on this platform HERE.
  • Pilot actions for smart metering in Low Income Houses (LIH) have been experimented by ELIH-MED in five partner countries (Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta and Spain). The aim is to focus on consumer's interest in order to better manage their energy use, to raise awareness and understanding of the benefits... MORE
  • The MEDNET project has set up an Observatory of Port Operations in the Mediterranean Sea, a platform that gathers information and data on port administrative requirements, logistic procedures and customs' formalities. It provides moreover a communication platform. Read the 3rd Newsletter on MEDNET pilot actions and find out MORE on the international conference "Towards facilitated trade and sea transport in the Mediterranean".
  • The EMILIE project realises 6 pilot actions in the 6 partner regions. These pilot actions intend to create preconditions to access to innovative technologies in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. The Slovenian Prime Minister officially opened the pilot plant InfraSUN in Slovenia. Capitalisation meetings have also been organised since the start of the project, in particular with the MARIE project. Visit the EMILIE Youtube Channel for more information.



Stay tuned for more concrete results in the next MED Newsflash...