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The capitalization project URBAN EMPATHY aims to reinforce a permanent platform developed by a classical MED project called CAT-MED which was aiming to promote a sustainable urban model for Mediterranean cities. 



Institutionalizing CAT-MED platform


URBAN EMPATHY intends to translate former results (notably the sustainable urban model) at political level. Thus, the project identifies obstacles hindering the integration of selected results developed within sustainable urban policies and tries to involve European decision makers. Apart from that, its goal is to strengthen, enlarge and institutionalize the existing Platform for Mediterranean cities established through the signature of the Malaga Charter. This exchange platform for actors and stakeholders is now open to new members of the Northern and Southern Mediterranean.



From theory to action: how to translate Malaga objectives?

  • The 2nd Mediterranean Mayors’ Forum was held on June, 9th 2014 is framed as a continuation of the activities being carried out by the CAT-MED platform on Sustainable Urban Models. As an opportunity for knowledge exchange, this forum established priorities for the Mediterranean cities for the period 2014-2020. It also claimed the major role of cities in the framework of European 2020 strategy.
  • Eurocities Environment Forum which was held June, 11th-13th 2014 in the frame of the capitalization project URBAN EMPATHY, gave the opportunity to highlight good practices and disseminate results to the European delegation. 




        URBAN EMPATHY Dissemination Activities


Dissemination activities are vital for the success of a project. One of the project's partners, Aristotele University of Thesaloniki, that has, as a university, a special access to scientific forums, will attend the 2nd International Conference on ICT for Sustainability in August 2014 in Stockholm. Its main objectives will be:

  • Presentation of CENSE environmental assessment software tool within the URBAN EMPATHY project.
  • Exchange of capitalization experiences.
  • Dissemination of the CAT-MED Platform and the SUMO Toolkit.




In a short video, the capitalization project URBAN EMPATHY shows its vision of what capitalization means, a great way to finally well understand all the issues of capitalization. 


URBAN EMPATHY project participates to a video competition highlighting the results and benefits of cooperation in Europe, a contest organized by the European Cooperation Day 2014: GO VOTE!




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