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MED green development  capitalization projects on the spotlight


In the framework of the process of the MED capitalization, a first edition of the capitalization week was organized in April by five projects in the field of innovation and creative clusters.


Now, it is the turn of specialized projects in the field of the green development to organize the second edition of the cycle of the MED capitalization joint conferences.


The ECO-SCP MED, MER, MEDLAND2020 and ZEROWASTEPRO projects held an event on the 14th of May 2014 in Bologna.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Strengthen the EU projects capitalization process sharing activities and outputs
  • Creating synergies and concrete occasions of cooperation
  • Sharing methodologies on Green development: products, consumption, promotion and territorial marketing
  • Creating networking opportunities
  • Creating a critical mass of organizations working towards Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Developing joint policy recommendations and joint technical workshop on sustainable production and consumption


Short video recap from the event






| Green development as green new deal. An Overview


Friedrich Hinterberger, Sustainable Europe Research Institute SERI, Wien


| The role of the Green Economy in promoting a new model of Development and Green Business


Danilo Ceh, Project ZERO WASTE PRO

Marco Frey, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Pisa

Edoardo Croci, Osservatorio Green Economy Bocconi University, Milan

Alessandra Bailo-Modesti, Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile, Rome

Enrico Cancila, Ervet


| The attractiveness of Smart and Green Communities to promote the settlement of the Enterprises and the role of Green Marketing

Marino Cavallo, MER Project

Matteo Caroli, Luiss University, Rome

Boštjan Cotic, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Joan Buckley, UCC University College Cork


| Matching business and citizenship in Green Production and Green Consumption: Ecodesign, Sustainability of Production, Zero Waste for Products, Biomass use

Eduard Plana, MEDLAND Project

Leonardo Setti, President AGENTER

Piergiorgio Degli Esposti, University of Bologna

Judit Rodriguez, Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia


| The support of the EU Strategies and EU Next Programmes in achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production. Interregional cooperation and research & development initiatives

Silvia Grandi, Region Emilia Romagna, Institutional Agreements

Magali Outters, Switch MED Project


| Key Policy Recommendations for sustainable consumption and production in ECO-SCP-MED

Giorgio Osti, University of Trieste

Francesco Silvestri, ECO&ECO


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