Capitalisation is a key element for MED IPA countries to be better connected to the MED area and it is equally important to MED EU countries to disseminate their results in new regions and to contribute to the policy harmonisation processes. Since the MED Western Balkan territory is common with two other major EU Programmes (Adriatic and Southeast Europe) therefore IPA partners can serve as “links” between the MED and the Adriatic and SEE programmes and like this they enhance the inter-programme cooperation. Although the call for capitalisation projects has been closed, the capitalisation process goes on and represents a great opportunity to cooperate with IPA partners!


The success of the IPA Partners within MED Programme 2007-2013 is unquestionable. This success brought important results which can be further capitalised and used during the 2014-2020 period. These results focus on three main elements. Firstly, achieving and maintaining political sustainability should be mentioned. In this case the given IPA Partner could gain political interest and willingness to transfer project achievements into policy taken over by the national legislative process. A very good example for this is the SOSTENUTO project.  The second element is the possibility given by transnational cooperation as a tool for gaining in advance some benefits of EU membership. MEDESS-4MS project is a good demonstration of this.Indeed Montenegro, through its participation in the project became the first non-EU country in EU LRIT Data Centre (satellite long range tracking and identification of vessels). Last but not least, the third element is the ability to set up an internal strategy for properly planning and managing the participation of the given IPA Partner in relation to EU resources, bids and projects. The Port of Bar, through its wide-range and interesting project portfolio including the Develop Med project, is a good example.



 Future aspects of IPA Capitalisation


The success of IPA in 2007-2013 could be improved in 2014-2020. In the new programming period, the MED IPA countries will be at the “crossroads” of cooperation. Four transnational cooperation programmes will operate in this area, namely: MED, DANUBE, Adriatic-Ionian, and Balkan Med. Therefore the question of overlapping, complementarities and synergies between programmes is more important than ever.
Increased networking activities and knowledge transfer can be the answer to this. 

The other important issue to be seen is what the main obstacles of IPA Partners were during the period 2007-2013. There were two main problems. Firstly the lack of knowledge at operational level. This meant that most of the IPA Partners faced a huge lack of operational knowledge in organisations/institutions responsible for the coordination of a certain programme. The continuation of capacity building activities can be the most appropriate solution for this. The other important problem was the lack of knowledge and information about programmes and how to use available funds within the organizations which are eligible to these funds. The solution to this issue is the organisation of dissemination events and activities. Finally, the thematic problems of the IPA Partners should be addressed. According to the outcome of the IPA Capitalisation Seminar the most important problems of IPA Partners are:

- Maritime travel (local and transnational)

- Maritime accessibility

- Multimodal transport

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