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In the framework of the process of the MED capitalization, a first edition of the capitalization week was organized in April by five projects in the field of innovation and creative clusters.


Now, it is the turn of specialized projects in the field of the green development to organize the second edition of the cycle of the MED capitalization joint conferences.


The ECO-SCP MED, MER, MEDLAND2020 and ZEROWASTEPRO projects held an event on the 14th of May 2014 in Bologna.



  • More information on the event HERE
  • Read the article published in the Italian newspaper "Smart City & Mobility Lab" on the event HERE



Watch the short video recap from the event:





The strategic role of transnational cooperation in enhancing competitiveness in the cultural and creative sector



The five MED capitalisation projects in the field of innovation and creative cluster organized a joint conference on April, 2nd in Marseilles.

Targeted research and innovation support is a strategic element in the economic development of territories. In this context, smart specialization will be a crucial element of the new Cohesion Policy 2014-2020. The European Commission considers creative industries to bear high added value enhancing the regional competitiveness. MED and other cooperation projects can contribute effectively to this challenge while strengthening the competitiveness of creative industries in the Mediterranean area. 





IPA MED capitalisation Seminar - 2014, March, 20th and 21st - Budva



Among the 144 MED project, 38 projects are realised with the participation of IPA partners including Croatian partners as well. At the end of this programming period, we would like to have a closer look on projects and partnerships with IPA participation. A seminar aiming to bring together IPA partners, lead partners, national contact points and MED Programme representatives to discuss and brainstorm in an interactive way on the results of such projects was organized on 20th and 21st of March 2014 in Budva (Montenegro).

During this seminar, the lessons from the challenges faced during this period and recommendations for the future programme 2014-2020 were highlighted. The building of synergies with other programmes in the IPA area with the helps of IPA partners participating in the most successful projects financed under these programmes were also stressed.



WORKSHOP: how to feed MED project results into EU policy-making?  



Workshop joinly organised with the regional representation office of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Brussels, 12th and 13th February 2014.

A Cruise to the MED future, annual conference, Lisbon, October 2013 


During the cruise to the MED future - the 2013 programme conference, the 13 capitalisation projects were presenting their approaches and activities at the 'panorama deck' - an area to meet and exchange. The participants were invited to participate to the following presentations and discussions:

  • ACCELMED: Let’s go international: support tools and services to accelerate SME growth and encourage their international expansion
  • CITEK: You would like to find out more about OPEN DATA? CITEK together with the strategic project HOMER will let you know how to use them in public administration to optimize knowledge management  
  • Creativemed: Learn how to deploy creativity and innovation as main ingredients for a smart specialisation framework in the MED area
  • ECO-SCP-MED: Find out how to integrate experiences and recommendations in eco-innovation for sustainable production and consumption in the MED area
  • MER: Discover green marketing solutions for green industrial areas 
  • 3C4 Incubators: Culture/Creativity/Cluster, the 3 C and their potential to breed value in various sectors, such as economy, social life and territorial development
  • PhiloxeniaplusFind out how to make rural areas attractive and to strengthen them against economic crises
  • Sha.p.e.sCreativity shapes your future. How? Meet the Sha.p.e.s. partners to experience!
  • URBAN EMPATHY: Capitalisation Speaking Corner: the place to be seen and heard! There is a lot to say about urban sustainability…
  • OPTIMIZEMED: Discover “OUR SEA” – a tool to facilitate the transport by sea environmentally friendly. You will also meet the strategic projects MEDNET (port and custom procedures) and MEDESS4MS (maritime safety)
  • MEDLAND 2020: Innovative tools for an efficient, sustainable and smart conservation and management of natural resources in the Mediterranean
  • ZEROwastePRO: It’s easy and we can all contribute: Tools and practices to promote waste management 
  • COASTGAP: Climate change and other threats have serious effects on our coasts: Find out about the COASTGAP contributions to governance and adaption policies

Capitalization 'speakers corner' of the URBAN EMPATHY project 



Peer Review series, summer 2012 



Following the conclusions of the ‘Cluster and Capitalisation Day’ (November 2011), a consultation with projects’ stakeholders led to the identification of Eight thematic clusters. Four out of these eight clusters have been officially launched: preparatory analysis on projects’ outputs/synergies and peer review meetings were carried out in summer 2012. More thematic meetings will be carried out in 2013 (see above).



Cluster and Capitalisation Day: Marseilles, November 2011



The 'Cluster and Capitalisation' day was organised in Marseilles on 30th November 2011. It involved more than 100 partners from around half of the MED projects approved until. The aim of this day was to present the clusterisation approach to the projects, to fine tune the topics of the future clusters with them and to bring them on board in the implementation of the clusterisation activities.  After the Rome workshops (June/July 2011), the ‘Cluster and Capitalisation’ day represented an important occasion also for making another step toward the setting up of a “capitalisation community”. The working groups organized gave them the possibility to identify synergies with other projects and to pave the way for new collaborative dynamics, setting the basis for the launch of the current 8 thematic clusters.


Thematic workshop series: Rome, June/July 2011



The organization of four thematic workshops (one on each priority axis) involving standard projects from the first call and strategic projects (approved until) set the starting point of the capitalisation process. During these workshops the capitalisation methodology was shared with the participants, which started to get acquainted with the concept, developing a common understanding. The workshop represented a first occasion for projects’ representatives to share information on outputs and results and to make the first step toward the setting  up of a “capitalisation community”. The capitalisation process has been conceived as a collective exercise and its success depend on the direct engagement of projects’ stakeholders. The workshops have been instrumental for defining the lines of a “common path of capitalisation”, sharing with projects’ stakeholders the idea of launching a call for capitalisation process and discussing  with them about the opportunity to set up thematic clusters and the main features they should have.



First 'Capitalization Brainstorming', Naples, November 2009



A first brainstorming involving programme responsibles and the MED project community was carried out in 2009. The stakeholders expressed interest to implement capitalization activities and to work together.  They called on the JTS to implement communication instruments to disseminate information on capitalisation results and to involve and supports the partners in the capitalisation process. On the basis of the results of this event, a capitalisation plan was set up and the capitalisation process officially launched in March 2011.

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