WHY AND HOW? The nature of the MED capitalization...

The MED Programme is a major tool for exchanges between Mediterranean countries, promoting a Europe of solidarity. We support and implement a variety of activities and projects in priority areas of innovation, environment, transport, culture. It is now essential to capitalize, to keep track of main activities and cooperation practices in the Mediterranean. With capitalisation, we seek for better transferability in order to cherish experience, promote change, support creativity and sharing, build the future, produce new skills on Mediterranean level, provoke action with useful existing skills, work for joint solutions to shared problems, enhance local and national actions (mainstream).

In short: We wish to transform relevant skills towards information that can be used by others, and mutualize productions and achievements in the Mediterranean space.


The MED Programme is currently working jointly with the CESPI institute carrying out a clustering process, but also with the external experts in charge of the in itinere evaluation (Cabinet Parcourir) feeding the process of capitalization. The analysis provided by the experts from these structures nurture (and receive the feedback of) the actions conducted by the MED staff concerning capitalization and the future programme.


MORE CONCRETELY: What does it include?

  • Launch of a clustering process gathering projects working in similar thematic areas. These activities are animated by the CESPI institute, the external expert recruited by the MED programme.
  • Elaboration of coordinated capitalization activities and inclusion in the strategic projects' work plans.
  • Launch of the Capitalization call (July 2012) 
  • Involvement of a large and diversified group of stakeholders and project partners envisaging the collection of information, opinions and perceptions on the programme and capitalization subjects.
  • Selection of 13 capitalization projects (March 2013)

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