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The MED Programme has entered in a new strategic phase: the collection of lessons learnt and orientations for the elaboration of the new programming period. The capitalisation activities implemented are fundamental to understand how to build the new programme based on results achieved. The MED capitalisation approach is composed of various elements, such as an animated clustering process together with MED projects (various events have been carried out for this reason), a call for the realisation of capitalisation projects launched in spring 2013, but also dedicated activities within the strategic, but also classical  projects, to name the main elements only. 


In order to find out more about the existance of capitalisation projects according to themes and areas, please click on the map!

For more information on the capitalization approach, please read the introduction below or click into the different sections it is composed of.


Why? What? How? 

An introduction to the MED capitalisation approach and its components.


MED Capitalisation events (past and upcoming)

Various events such as workshops and peer reviews were organised in the past months, while others are still in preparation... 


MED Capitalisation Projects 

A dedicated call for capitalisation projects has been carried out in winter 2012. In March 2013 13 projects were approved. 


Capitalisation activities between MED projects 

From their very beginning, MED projects, especially strategic ones, are motivated to think outside the box by coordinating and cooperating with other projects of the MED or other relevant programmes. find some examples of successful alliances and their results...



Useful links

What is ongoing in other programmes? Which possible capitalization activities with other (MED) initiatives and platforms can be joined?


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Library of med project results


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