First Call for Capitalisation Projects

Why a capitalisation call?

The MED Programme is a major tool for exchanges between Mediterranean countries, promoting a Europe of solidarity. We support and implement a variety of activities and projects in priority areas of innovation, environment, transport, regard to the achievements of the programme. It is now essential to capitalize, to keep track of main activities and cooperation practices in the Mediterranean. With capitalisation, we seek for better transferability in order to:

  • cherish experience;
  • learn from failure;
  • promote change;
  • support creativity and sharing;
  • build the future;
  • produce new skills on Mediterranean level;
  • provoke action with useful existing skills;
  • work for joint solutions to shared problems;
  • enhance local and national actions (mainstream);
  • etc.

We wish to transform relevant skills towards information that can be used by others, and mutualize productions and achievements in the Mediterranean space.


In short, taking into account the aforementioned process, the present call promotes the emergence of capitalization projects capable of improving:

  • the long-term impact of results attained by the previously approved projects (by raising awareness and at the same time ensuring a larger take-up of project outcomes, increasing their territorial impact) actively targeting relevant stakeholders ;
  • the structure and content of the MED programme for the next programming period.


The approximate ERDF budget for the call is 7M€. As capitalisation projects can implement several types of activities tackling needs at different levels, no fixed budget has been firmly set. Each project can request between 300 000€ and 1M€ of ERDF contribution.  


The maximum duration of the project is 18 months with the latest closure date possible at 30 June 2015, following from the date of closure of the MED Programme activities.

Call duration: The project call will be open from 23 July 2012 to 31 October 2012.




Terms of Reference

Submission procedure

Application Pack - updated on 21st of August 2012


Find here a first collection of accumulated project data providing an overview on what happened in the MED Programme so far. Please note that this an outcome of an ongoing analysis and might therefore not yet be exhaustive.


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