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Which kind of projects can be funded ?

Even if the programme forms a certain continuity from the earlier Mediterranean programmesfor territorial Cooperation, Archimed and Meddoc, the MED Programme aims at going further in the capitalisation of the efforts of the preceding generations. Thus, the programme funds projects featuring  a strong transnational and concrete orientation.


The overall modalities and criteria are available in the application packs produced for each call for proposals and available in the download area under the call for proposals section. We also invite you to consult the reference programme documents, available for download on this page.  

What does "concrete" project mean?

A concrete project is a related to a cycle that implies the analysis of the sector and the existing situation, the identification of common challenges, the formulation of transnational strategies and action plans, the implementation of a solution and the generation of outputs from which all partners can benfit from. Thus, the projects cannot be based only on the objective of knowledge and experience exchange between partners. They must be based on strategiesaiming at bringing a concrete contribution to the realisation of the objectives of the programme.

What does "transnational" project mean?

Partners in a transnational project share its key steps such as problematic, goals, strategy, action plans, and implementing common solutions for the benefit of all. To have a transnational dimension, the project has to bring a solution to a problem that could not be solved without a partnership or has to bring an added-value to the area compared to a more local solution.  

Who can benefit from the funds?

Regions and town administrations, research centres, and national authorities in charge of related sectors, universities as well as non profit making associations: the programm welcomes projects from various horizons. A larger but non exhaustive list of potential beneficiaries is available in the MED Operational Programme.

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