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The MED Programme regularly organises events and meetings to inform and assist project partners and potential beneficiaries of the Programme. Each event is sinthesized in a few words under this section.  



IPA national Info Days

Several national info days were organised in IPA countries in order to present the first call for modular project proposals and launch the new programming periods


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On June 18th, 2015, the conference organised by the MED Programme: "INNOVATION FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS IN MEDITERRANEAN REGIONS AND CITIES - An overview of achieved results" has taken place in Brussels. 


Final event of the 13 MED capitalisation projects

On 24th and 25th March 2015 the event 'THE MED CAPITALISATION: CONTRIBUTING TO A STRONGER EUROPE' took place at the Committee of the Regions in a joint initiative by the thirteen MED capitalisation projects. 




MED roadtrip to Valence, Thessaloniki, Ljubljana and Florence

October 2014: The MED roadtrip entitled 'MED ON THE MOVE' has been realised. Not only one, but four annual events took place from 14th to 24th of October 2014 within the MED territories.  

Joint Communication Training

Around 100 representatives from more than 60 projects participated to the Joint Communication Training co-organised by the MED and the SEE Programmes on 2nd and 3rd of June in Bled (Slovenia).

MED Capitalisation projects - Joint events

A cycle of joint events has been organised by the MED capitalistaion projects:


The five MED capitalisation projects in the field of innovation and creative cluster organized a joint conference on April, 2nd in Marseilles. The projects involved were ACCELMED, CreativeMED, SHAPES, 3C4 INCUBATORS, CITEK. During all this week, the projects also held side events.

The capitalisation projects specialised in the field of the green development organised the second event edition in the cycle of MED capitalisation events. The ECO-SCP MED, MER, MEDLAND2020 and ZEROWASTEPRO projects held an event on May, 15th in Bologna.

MED-IPA capitalisation seminar - March 2014

Among the 144 MED project, 38 projects are realised with the participation of IPA partners including Croatian partners as well. At the end of this programming period, it is essential to have a closer look on projects and partnerships with IPA participation. A seminar aiming to bring together IPA partners, lead partners, national contact points and MED Programme representatives to discuss and brainstorm in an interactive way on the results of such projects has been carrid out on 20th and 21st of March 2014 in Budva (Montenegro).

During this seminar, the lessons from the challenges faced during this period and recommendations for the future programme 2014-2020 were highlighted. The building of synergies with other programmes in the IPA area with the helps of IPA partners participating in the most successful projects financed under these programmes were also stressed.

Workshop: 'How to feed MED project results into EU policy-making'

A worksop for capitalization projects was organized on 12th and 13th February 2014 in Brussels. Based on this workshop, a tool kit has been developed.


Annual event 2013 - 'A cruise to the MED Future!'

On October, the 23rd and 24th, The MED Programme held its annual event in Lisbon (Portugal). MED projects partners and many stakeholders have come together to set sail on the waves of the MED past and move towards new horizons. This rite of passage was intended to trace seven years for transnational cooperation stamped MED. Find findings, presentations, interviews but also all the pictures and videos of this 'Cruise to the MED future' 


IPA Implementation Seminar - Albania

After the signature of the Albanian Financial Agreement, IPA subsidy contracts with approved Albanian project partners will now be finalized. In order to provide the maximum level assistance to the Albanian Partners the Thessaloniki Liaison Office in close cooperation with Albanian Ministry is organizing a project implementation seminar on the first week of April in Tirana.

Lead Partner seminar 1st call for targeted projects – March 2013, 5 and 6

On 5th and 6th March 2013 in Marseilles, the Lead Partners of the recently selected targeted projects dealing with the innovation in the energy sector have participated to a seminar organized by the MED Programme. 

IPA Seminar

A seminar for IPA partners and First Level Controlers in IPA countries was organised in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 5th February 2013.


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Spotlight on the Mediterranean Area. Uniting our efforts for the future

The Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council together with the Transnational Cooperation Programme MED and the Neighborhood Cross-border Cooperation Programme in the Mediterranean Sea Basin ENPI MED organised their first joint conference in Nicosia, Cyprus on October 24th and 25th 2012.



Information seminars on the capitalisation call

Hereinbelow, you will find some information about the different seminars and information days organised within the framework of the call for capitalisation projects.

"Peer Review" for the cluster on "Ports and accessibility" - 28th June 2012, Marseille

Within the Med programme capitalization process, the “Peer Review” meeting for the cluster on “Ports and accessibility” was held on June 28th in Marseille (Rue Henri Barbusse 2, CMCI : room  257, 2nd floor, lift C).


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Communication Training for project partners, April, 23/24 in Marseilles

The MED and the Alpine Space Porgramme jointly organised a Communication Training for the project partners on April 23 and 24, 2012 in Marseilles.


More information here

Information seminars on the targeted calls for project proposals

Various information seminars on transnational and national level were organised in order to provide all necessary technical information on the targeted calls (Innovation/Energy and Transports) launched in February 2012.


Please find an overview and relevant documents to be downloaded here 


Cluster and Capitalisation day - Marseille 30th Novembre 2011

In 2011 the Med Programme started the realisation of a 3 years capitalisation process. During four capitalisation workshops (one for each thematic priority) in summer 2011 a starting point was set and a joint capitalisation methodology was developed. As a second step, a Cluster and Capitalisation day was organised in Marseilles on 30th November 2011.


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2011 Med Annual Event - 19th October 2011 in Barcelona

On 19th October 2011, the Med Programme annual event took place in Barcelona.


The conference offered manifold possibilities to meet and exchange, inform and learn, create and influence.


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Strategic projects applicants seminar– 2nd call for proposals - 5th July 2011

The seminar aimed to inform project developpers of the second call for strategic project proposals that submitted a draft project (first phase of the application procedure) about improvement potentials generally identified and to exchange on possible syenergies between the proposals.

Launching event - 2nd call for strategic projects

Launching seminar offering general technical information as well as individual consultation on project contents during the draft project phase of the second call for strategic projects (1st of April – 31st of May).



IPA seminar - 15th March 2011, Tirana, Albania

A seminar was organised on the 15th of March 2011 in Tirana, Albania informing potential IPA partners about opportunities and modalities of the new management system of IPA funds within the MED Programme.

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Brainstorming Sessions Strategic Projects - 16th and 17th of November 2010

On November 16 and 17, 2 brainstorming sessions were held in Marseille bringing together national experts in transport and ICT fields in order to prepare the 2nd Strategic call of the MED Programme.


Each session counted around 40 participants willing to exchange on the main programme needs as well as on the actions to carry out on the various themes discussed.

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Seminar on the first level control - 24h of September 2010

On the 24th of september, a seminar on first level control has been organised in Thessaloniki, after the programme annual event. The objective of the seminar was to inform firdst level controlers on the control practical aspects. The semainr was followed by a high number of Lead partners and partners and enebled a rich exchange of information.

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3rd annual event of the Programme - 22nd & 23rd of September 2010

The programme Authorities organised  on September the 22nd and 23rd the 3rd annual ,event in Thessaloniki (Greece). This year the annual event had planned a joint part together with the South East programme.

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Lead partner seminar - 26th of May 2010

Lead partners of the projects selected in the frame work of the second call for proposals were invited to attend the seminar which was devoted to them.


The objective of this meeting was to present the procedures related to the project implementation: subsidy contracts, financial aspects, progress reports, first level control, use of Presage CTE and obligations and communication duties.


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Lead Partner seminar - Final application 2nd call for proposals - 2nd of December 2009

On December the 2nd, the projects preselected in the frame work of the 2nd call for proposals were invited to a seminar which dealt with the overall aspects of the final application: introduction to the final application, how to write a good final application, budget definition, planning, information and publicity...


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Annual Conference of the MED Programme - November the 17th 2009

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Technical seminar on Presage CTE - September 22nd 2009

A technical seminar was held in Paris on September the 22nd to provide Lead partners of running projects with information regarding the expenditure reporting procedure and the progress report procedure in the software Presage CTE.

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Lead Partners Seminar - March 3rd 2009

Lead Partners of the projects selected from the 1st call of proposals have been invited to attend this LP seminar. This seminar aimed at reviewing the procedures for the implementation of the projects: subsidy contract, financial aspects, Progress reports, first level control system and regulations in term of communication.


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Technical Support information Day - January 27th 2009

A Technical Support Information Day has been held in Marseille on January 27th 2009 to provide potential beneficiaries with technical information and support to prepare projects for the second call of proposals launched on February 16th 2009. 


The following subjects have been takled: financial issues, quality issues, role of liaison office of Valencia and communication issues. 


The presenations were followed by questions from the audience and answers from the JTS team.


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Annual Event - December 18th 2008

On December 18th, the Med Programme held its annual event in Marseille (Hôtel de Région). More than 350 persons attended this event. The purpose of this meeting was to report on the first call for proposals, to present modalities for the next call and to exchange reflections on strategic projects.


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National info days - March/April 2008

During the months of March and April 2008, Info Days were organised in different member states of the MED Space. Those information sessions, organised by the National Coordinations, enabled potential beneficiaries to receive relevant information for the preparation of their application in the frame work of the first call for proposals of the programme. Those events gathered more than 1000 participants.


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Kick-off seminar - November 22nd 2007

The Managing Authority of the MED Programme held the Kick off seminar on November 22nd 2007 in Marseille, at the Parc Chanot. Around 1.000 persons from various countries and institutions attended this event.


Thanks to the quality of the interventions and the variety of the participants the event fullfiled its main objectives: present the Programme and create or strenghten relationships between the stakeholders of the MED Space. 


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