The CREATIVEMED Green Paper is broadcast!


The framework of the capitalization project CREATIVEMED are basically the 'Europe 2020 Strategy' and the 'Smart Specialization Strategy', both very crucial elements within the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020. The project proposed directions for a bottom-up driven Smart Specialization within the MED area. The main outputs are a White Paper targeted to EU, national and regional levels, a practical on-line toolkit and guidelines. 


What does 'Smart Specialization' mean?

  • A strategic approach to economic development by maximizing the knowledge-based development potential of a region
  • A bottom-up model
  • Implications for local authorities to adapt to new procedures, new approaches etc.



The Green Paper is published!


The European Commission's S3 Platform  is a regional benchmarking tool aiming to identify structurally similar regions across Europe. It gives a whole bunch of tools to guide regions throughout a Smart Specialization Strategy.

In March 2013, the DG REGIO published a Guide to Social Innovation

The present CREATIVEMED publication of the Green Paper originated from this guide and will be further completed in a White Paper. It proposes a concrete model to implement Smart Specialization at a macro-regional level within the MED area.


Based on individual local activities carried out while deriving bottom-up a strategic framework, this Green Paper was developed to align with regional S3 processes. It defines a common “Mediterranean way” and supports the mobilization of local actors in order to enrich entrepreneurial discovery, build consensus and identify opportunities for inter-regional cooperation. Thus, it facilitates the interaction between bottom-up activities and ideas and top-down S3 planning. Divided into three parts, the first session describes the policy context. The next session develops the six elements of the Common S3 framework (vision, policy architecture, measures, governance, policy tools, and indicators) followed by explanations of several practical scenarios.

Based on individual local activities to derive a global strategic approach, this Green Paper is aligned with the S3 regional process. It defines a "way of doing Mediterranean" and supports the mobilization of local actors in order to enhance business innovation, build consensus and identify opportunities for inter-regional cooperation. Thus it facilitates the interaction between bottom-up ideas and activities  and the top-down driven S3 schedule. Divided into three parts, the Green Paper describes firstly the political context of the MED Programme and Smart Specialization. Subsequantly it develops six elements of a S3 Community framework (vision, policy architecture, measurement, governance, policy tools and indicators) before introducing several practical scenarios.






A policy learning approach


The particularity of the CREATIVEMED project is the participative decision-making process. Indeed, one of its main objectives is to mobilize local stakeholders in order to explore options to implement concrete results. Three different working groups have been constituted aiming to develop models: composed by political decision makers, by local and regional stakeholders and by experts. 

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