Gouvernance de la péche dans les AMP: potentialitès pour l'Economie Blue

470,000.00 €
8th call - 2014
Priority axis

Project aims and approach

Project summary

Mediterranean MPAs proliferated in the last decades, producing significant impacts on local socio-economies and on artisanal fishery, in particular. On long-term a MPA may produce a number of benefits to local fisheries. In short-term, nevertheless, its creation usually engenders a strong opposition by local fishermen, who perceive MPAs as top-down imposed rules that significantly limit their activities/incomes. The project main aims are to analyze existing conflicts between...


State of the art of project implementation since the project start

Based on the agreed methodology, the analysis of the collected data from 31 Marine Protected Areas in five Med countries (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece) has brought to identify the key features for effective successful management of small scale fisheries, some Best Practices, the main stakeholders at MPA level and a SWOT analysis. The analysis have highlighted that in order to achieve successful and sustainable management of small scale fisheries five key features are required, as follows:...

Latest project activities and outputs

A deep analysis of existing MPAs governance models shows how much the approach varies from one country to another and also within the same country. Since this, new models and incentives for a better governance of small scale fisheries within MPAs have been developed, in order to enhance the effectiveness of marine environment conservation but also to support sustainable development of this crucial economic sector for Med region. This “ governance toolkit” takes in account the different components...

Next key steps for the project

The project ended in a successful way. In the last Advisory Panel (AP) workshop the number of attending institutions increased, showing the interest towards the follow up of this first step, i.e. the analysis of the problem and the theoretical design of potential solutions. In the forthcoming months the project partnership and the AP members will develop together a project proposal to be submitted to any available Call for proposals


ERDF contribution
352,500.00 €
National co-funding
117,500.00 €
Total project budget
470,000.00 €

Project partnership

Lead Partner

FEDERPARCHI - Europarc Italy / Lazio (Italy)

Project partnership

IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation / Andalousia (Spain)
WWF European Policy Programme - Branch Office / Lazio (Italy)
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