Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies”

1,887,218.29 €
5th call - 2012
Priority axis

Project aims and approach

Project summary

EMILIE will strenghten SMEs innovation capacities in the field of energy efficiency in tertiary sector buildings, identifing innovative technologies and know-how extending MED SMEs market positions and leveraging private investments. The project finds its roots in the need to overcome barriers and gaps detected by MARIE and ELIHMED startegic projects in the field of supporting innovation in MED SMEs. EMILIE will: - Support concretely SMEs innovation strengthening the existing...


State of the art of project implementation since the project start

Started on 01/01/2013, for a total duration of 30 months, EMILIE project has reached its finish line. The project consortium, led by AREA Science Park (IT) and including CAPENERGIES (FR), CIRCE (ES), IAT (ES), IJS (SI) and REAK (HR), has successfully implemented all the foreseen activities and are actively engaged in promoting the project results even beyond the end of the project. How did we get here? Firstly by a set of preparatory activities including preparation of surveys on the energy consumption...

Latest project activities and outputs

After an intense work that was carried out to bring the pilots to the installation phase and later on to establish a reliable monitoring system, the focus of the last reporting period was on project and data promotion, knowledge sharing and capitalization activities. A set of technical workshops for SMEs and public authorities was organized, together with study visits to the pilot sites, to offer to the stakeholders first-hand experience with the innovative EMILIE technologies. Final project conference...

Next key steps for the project

Even after the project ends, the performance monitoring will continue almost in all pilots. EMILIE partners founded the EMILIE Network that aims to strengthen the local research and innovation capacities with a cohesive approach by exchanging information, sharing best practices, supporting project development and the diffusion of new technologies related to building energy efficiency. 10 organizations from several MED countries have already joined widening the geographical scope of the network.


ERDF contribution
1,453,119.10 €
National co-funding
434,099.19 €
Total project budget
1,887,218.29 €
IPA contribution
313,450.03 €

Project partnership

Lead Partner

AREA Science Park (AREA) / Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)

Project partnership

Instituto Andaluz de Tecnologia (IAT) / Andalousia (Spain)
CAPENERGIES (CAP) / Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)
Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS) / Slovenia: the entire country (Slovenia)
Regional energy agency Kvarner (REA) / Croatia: the entire country (Croatia)
Foundation CIRCE, Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE) / Aragon (Spain)
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