2InS Clusters

S.M.E.s’ Innovation and Internationalization Support Clusters

1,808,000.00 €
2nd call - 2009
Priority axis

Project aims and approach

Project summary


“2InS Clusters” aimed at the design and validation, through pilot actions, of a transnationally conceptualized and coordinated Integrated Framework for the establishment and operation of competent, viable collaborative platforms, whose mission should be to promote and enhance regional competitiveness and knowledge society, through the support of knowledge-based and internationalized entrepreneurship.

The 2InS Clusters...


Key achievements and results

2InS achieved its prime objective through the creation of a coherent mechanism for developing and operating competent and viable territorial level Collaborative Platforms, involving local key-actors of all critical fields and levels. Furthermore, apart from the production of the key platforms, this transnational level pilot action produced significant results: clusters were created and operated under the coordination of one transnational 2InS Network of 7 platforms. Thanks to this approach, around...

Relevance to 2020 strategy

The project results are strongly contributing to the Smart Growth pillar of the EU 2020 strategy. Indeed, the project outcomes are promoting the development of knowledge-based, innovative SMEs and supporting their internationalisation processes. Moreover, the 2InS project builds on cooperative action at the regional, transnational and EU levels, proposing a relevant open innovation and knowledge sharing model fitting the goal of this strategy.


ERDF contribution
1,369,800.00 €
National co-funding
438,200.00 €
Total project budget
1,808,000.00 €

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