Priority axis 3: Improvement of mobility and territorial accessibilty

Because of its geographical feature, composed of many isolated territories, the MED space encounters accessibility and connection problems between its regions, its economic poles, and its harbours, or with surrounding international areas. At the same time, the development of economic activities and tourism put a high level of pressure on the area. this situation needs to be tackled by organising the means of transportation and better access to the telecommunications network.

  • Objective 3.1: Improvement of maritime accessibility and of transit capacities through multimodality and intermodality
  • Objective 3.2: Support to the use of information technologies for a better accessibility and territorial cooperation

Priority 3 figures...

  • 18 projects approved: 10 standard projects, 3 strategic projects, 4 targeted projects, 1 capitalization project
  • 180 partners involved
  • Total ERDF budget: 28.183.810


Examples of "accessibility" oriented projects

  • Building transnational partnerships to promote multimodal transport  systems in urban areas and promoting the use of transportation modes with a low environmental impact;
  • Supporting transnational actions allowing a more efficient use of ICT for civil society, administrations and economic operators.

Projects co-financed by the Programme


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