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Approaches and solutions of Common Capitalisation


Our MED projects are driven by the will to get a good grasp of capitalization in a common way. They will have to optimize their potential in order to coordinate with each other. Thus, many capitalisation and promotional activities aimed at similar target groups are jointly developed.


These activities are mainly from projects from both strategic calls dealing with the fields of energy and transport. However, on this particular theme, a fresh air of cooperation between recent capitalisation projects and target projects is introduced!


Find here all the approaches and solutions proposed by the MED projects to develop a joint capitalisation.





REMIDA, MER and FUTURELIGHTS together for green energy, green marketing and sustainable development.


REMIDA and MER projects are a great example of synergies within the MED Program. From the 5th call, REMIDA aims to enhance local energetic strategies and to develop smart communities. On the contrary, MER capitalization project promotes green marketing and management of industrial areas as key factors for attracting investments.



Joining together with cross-border FUTURELIGHTS project, the three projects come closer and shared the same info-point at the Vegetarian and Environmental Festival with a similar objective: the promotion of green energy, green marketing and sustainable development. 




During the festival, from July, 4 to July, 6 in Gorizia (Italy), the three projects jointly promoted their projects and the three common training sessions scheduled in September in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Italy.


During these conferences, case studies and best practices in the field of energy planning and the establishment of a Public and Private Partnership will be presented by experts. 


The trainings open to general public and local stakeholders (Institutions and local bodies of Friuli Venezia Giulia, EGTC GO, SMEs, experts, local associations), will have the following schedule:

  • September 2nd: Energy planning and energy efficiency on cases of public buildings and urban planning in the city areas
  • September 3rd: Energy Planning and cases of energy efficiency in the industrial sector
  • September 4th: Energy planning and energy efficiency in the agro industrial sector
  • September 5th: Wrap up conference 



More information and details about the trainings will be available soon on the projects’ websites.










FACECOAST cluster, launched in January 2012 and gathering more than eighty partners, deals with climate change issues. Its main goal is to promote a space for the exchange of approaches around the defense of Mediterranean coasts against erosion.

In that context was created COASTGAP capitalization project which objective was to end and to synthetize three generations of projects. Twelve best practices are thus highlighted.



A macro-project for political commitments

The heart of FACECOAST strategy consists in integrating Bologna Charter political commitments, true backbone of COASTGAP project in order to foster governance and collaboration between the different public actors. Signed in 2007 by nine local collectivities, European regions Charter for the promotion of a common framework for strategic actions aimed at the protection and sustainable development of the Mediterranean coastal areas proves the need for a Macro-project initiative for the Mediterranean coastal zones protection, management and adaptation to climate change. In fact, this Macro-project aims to create the bases of a more global approach between maritime administrations and to draw the big lines of the cooperation for 2014-2020 programming.



Face to face with European decision-makers

The institutionalization of the objectives, link to the creation of FACECOAST cluster and the integration of Bologna Charter, also goes through a rapprochement with the Community authorities. To enforce its added value to the European decision-makers has become a significant force. COASTGAP partners met several DGs in May in order to discuss the content of Bologna Charter and to promote its capitalization work.  



A public conference with ENPI CBC MED

Partnership between the various actors is essential. Thus, networking of similar initiatives through the Mediterranean Sea is crucial. Gathering COASTGAP and MEDSANDCOAST ENPI MED project, a public conference provided the opportunity to confront different strategies chosen by the Mediterranean countries to deal with a same issue: coastal erosion. 



Pablo de Olavide University, based in Seville and partner of the project published on line several information videos on local events, Bologna Charter or the COASTGAP Joint Action Plan. Find all the videos HERE







Strategic political recommendation paper of stategic MED energy projects


In order to maximize their long term effects, the strategic MED energy projects ElihMED, MARIE and PROFORBIOMED have realised joint capitalisation activities since their very beginning. Their joint strategy foresees to create synergies in the MED space, to integrate different project results, to align indicators and to develop joint political recommendations.


Due to their similar thematic approach on energy efficiency in buildings, the two projects MARIE and ELIHMED cooperated from their very beginning in 2011, in order to adress decision makers with joint and coordonated messages. This process resulted in the production of a political orientation paper aiming to deliver solutions for energy efficiency in buildings. PROFORBIOMED, focused on renewable energies, joined the capitalisation group in 2012.


In order to jointly reflect and brainstorm on solutions to foster and promote energy efficiency, various national capitalisation meetings were organised.  The initial document has been further developed and its second and final version was presented during a final capitalisation conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.




On 23rd and 24th October 2013, the annual event of the MED Programme was held in Lisbon. On the occasion, the Ljubljana Declaration was signed jointly by the lead partners of the 3 strategy MED projects - ELIH–Med, Marie & PROFORBIOMED. 

Specific proposals have been worked out for each target group. The whole version of the Declaration can be download below:


Capitalisation and coordination with ENPI MED energy projects

  • Joint activities of strategic MED energy projects with the ENPI MED project REELS. Read an interview with involved project partners providing interesting clarifications and details. + CLICK HERE


Capitalisation with projects in the whole Mediterranean area

  • Find here informations on the capitalisation activities of the MED LAB GROUP (run by INTERACT and the MED Liaison Office Valencia) + CLICK HERE 






Strategic MED transport projects


In may 2013, a joint conference of the two strategic MED projects FUTURMED and MEDNET was carried out in order to identify common ground for eventual common solutions and activities.


For the FUTUREMED LP, the Lazio Region, the conference aimed 'to highlight the trends affecting Mediterranean port systems and exchange ideas on the challenges and opportunities to be taken into account by the different industry stakeholders'. 


It is the same thing for the MEDNET LP: 'with this event, we aim to provide a forum for real and frank exchange of ideas'. 

  • Find more information about the contents of this joint event in the PRESS KIT conference. 
  • Check all the speakers' presentations on the MEDNET website 
  • The MEDNET project also collaborates with the project CUSTOMED (ENPI CBC MED). Find an interview HERE.



FUTUREMED capitalisation platform

The FUTUREMED project developed a capitalisation platform no only optimising the project internal information flow, but also aiming to provide the bigger picture on European maritime transport!

  • You are interested to visit this tool? Please + CLICK HERE
  • FUTUREMED also working on a cross-fertilization with Weastflows project (INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme), more information on these roundtables HERE.
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