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(Published on July 31, 2014)


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Zero Waste Pro project, capitalizing many successful projects, aims to supply clear and useful guidelines and tools for improving the waste management system at Mediterranean level. In order to reach this goal, a networking platform for sharing information and results has been settled up.


You are all invited to Join this community and contribute with your project's deliverables, while at the same time promoting your work. This networking platform was especially created so that you can cooperate through new consortia and develop new projects related to the sustainable waste management and the promotion of EU prevention strategies. Feel free to contact the project for support.



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“Training the trainers”


Prevention and training are both essential elements of Zero Waste Pro project. On the 22nd and 23rd of July, one of the project partners, Ambiente Italia organized in Milan a session for training sustainable waste management experts. This session aimed to provide practical tips on how to prepare a training course on sustainable waste management, including the standard structure and timing for each modules, exercises description, tools & case studies and logistical setup.



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