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PROFORBIOMED Assessment of the structural diversity of forest habitats

The report focuses on the characterization of the main forest areas present in the study area, relating its features with the possibility of biomass exploitation: the identification of the main species, their spatial distribution, the listing of common forest management techniques and the identification and description of the main forest habitats structural organization and species diversity. The objective is to provide sufficient input to allow the establishment of a set of guidelines leading to a sustainable biomass exploitation strategy, coherently adapted to the specifications of each identified forest habitat.

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Type of content: Technical analyse and study

Project type: Strategic project

Programme objective: 2.2 - Promotion of renewable energy and improvement of energy efficiency

Keywords: Managing natural and man-made threats, risk management, Waste and pollution, Agriculture and fisheries and forestry

EU 2020 Strategy: Sustainable Growth

Publishing partner country: Portugal

Publishing partner region: Algarve

Target group: Public administrations on local/regional level, Private sector: SME, service providers, etc., Politicans/decision makers on local/regional level

Date of publication: 01 September 2014

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