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Ecodesign Guidelines

These guidelines relating to the environmental improvement of products are divided into three sections:
The first part presents examples of products in the furniture sector, which respond to certain principles of Life Cycle Design. The second section illustrates data regarding Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and references to literature and products in the project Casa Toscana / Green Home and to materials traditionally used in the implementation of product design. The product "upholstered furniture" has been taken as a case study because its components (body/frame, filling, cover), are produced from the most commonly used materials in the field (wood, metal, polyurethane, cloth). In the absence of systematic research, this information is inevitably fragmentary but still offers useful data for design and production choices. In the last section, finally, guidelines are presented as streamlined support for designers.

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Type of content: Best practice collection

Project type: Standard project 2nd call

Programme objective: 1.1 - Dissemination of innovative technologies and know-how

Keywords: Sustainable management of natural resources, New products/services

EU 2020 Strategy: Sustainable Growth

Publishing partner country: Portugal

Publishing partner region: Alentejo

Target group: Politicans/decision makers on local/regional level, General public

Date of publication: 01 January 2012

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