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Analysis of the state-of-the-art of Transport Systems & Technologies

State of the art analysis of the main existing ICT, smart technologies and monitoring systems and other projects' results in freight and intermodal solutions, in order to identify the technological background/IT base of the TRANSit e-platform developed.

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Type of content: Technical analyse and study

Project type: Standard project 1st call

Programme objective: 3.1 - Improvement of maritime accessibility and of transit capacities through multimodality and intermodality

Keywords: Green technologies, Multimodal transport, Logistics and freight transport

EU 2020 Strategy: Sustainable Growth

Publishing partner country: Greece

Publishing partner region: Voreio Aigaio

Target group: Public sector: universities, service providers, etc , Private sector: SME, service providers, etc., Politicians/decision makers on national/EU level

Date of publication: 01 July 2012

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