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Country focus: Bosnia and Herzegovina



Bosnia and Herzegovina joined the MED Programme in 2009.  Despite the limited availability of funds they managed to have one partner in the MEID project of the second call for proposals. However the interest towards the MED Programme has been raised after the integration of the IPA funds. BiH partners became very active during the targeted call for proposals. Within the frame of this call for proposals an information seminar was also organized with success in Tuzla. Today we have BiH Partners in five running MED targeted call projects. All of them are participating in projects with theme on innovation and environment. Reliability, hunger for cooperation and professionalism are the main characteristics of BiH project partners. Let’s hope to good tendency of involving BiH partners to MED projects will continue also in the future programme!

New EU Member State in the MED Programme!


The MED Programme welcomed a new EU Member State among its partner countries. Croatia concluded with success her journey to the EU membership on the 1st of July 2013. The country which was an IPA country –and achieved the highest participation rate among IPA countries in the MED Programme- in the beginning of the programme implementation will finish it as an EU Member State. The gained experience during the accession process will be valuable for the remaining IPA countries of the MED Programme meanwhile the gained experience in project management will provide the possibility to develop and even coordinate transnational partnerships and projects with success in the new programming period. We wish successful cooperation to Croatia as a new MED EU Member State!












Conference in Podgorica


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Information day in Bosnia 


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IPA capitalisation seminar



The MED capitalisation approach was composed by various elements. The role of the IPA Partners within this process was equally important for the Programme and for the IPA countries. Therefore the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration with the contribution of the Thessaloniki Liaison Office organised a MED IPA Capitalisation Seminar on the 20-21/03/2014. The seminar also gathered IPA Partners from other cooperation programmes (South East, Adriatic etc.) therefore it was a good opportunity to discuss all the aspects of capitalisation. Moreover the event could add an outlook on the future cooperation within the framework of the Interreg Programmes in the IPA area.


IPA Technical Seminar


The integration of IPA funds in the MED Programme broke some obstacles and opened the doors for a mass participation of IPA Partners in MED projects. However this had a serious consequence on the management of these partners. In order to discuss all the technical issues of the IPA shared management within the MED Programme, the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration with the contribution of the Thessaloniki Liaison Office organised an MED IPA Technical Meeting in January 2014. During this meeting the IPA National Contact Points, First Level Controllers and Members of the Group of Auditors talked with the JS about technical issues, from the financial progress of IPA partners to the future IPA aspects in the Interreg MED Programme. 


SME Creativity and Innovation for Smart Specialisation in the MED Space


The CreativeMED project organised an interesting event in Zagreb on the 3rd of December 2013. The objective of the conference was to examine the CreativeMED model and its possibilities on enhancing smart specialisation in the MED Area. Besides the general presentations, the adaptability of the model in the IPA context was also discussed with key stakeholders.





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