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After the signature of the Financing Agreements with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, the MED Programme 2007-2013 began to manage the IPA funds in a new way. This was called the integrated management of IPA funds.  This management represents the next chapter for the IPA partners. The new system meant new challenges but at the same time new opportunities as well. The first occasion to discuss the new requirements was in Dubrovnik on February 5th, 2013. During a very successful seminar IPA Partners had the opportunity to discuss technical questions on the project implementation with the Programme Bodies and the First Level Controllers. The MED Programme 2014-2020 –after the signature of the Financing Agreements between the European Commission, the Managing Authority and the Government of each concerned country (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro)- will continue the management of IPA funds in this shared way. Therefore it is important for us to learn from your relevant experience and problems in order to find common solution and promote best practices in this programming period !

Information for newcomers


How can you become an IPA partner of a MED project? First of all there should be an open call for proposals. Secondly you have to keep in mind that IPA partners cannot be Lead partners of MED projects which mean that you have to look for a potential ERDF Lead partner who would include you to its proposal. You have to keep in mind also that in the period 2014-2020 only public bodies can become IPA Partners. This means that IPA economic operators will not be eligible. In order to find the optimal Lead partner and the optimal project you have to think over what your main thematic interest is and what are your capabilities to contribute. Then you have to check the activities you would like to carry out within the project in compliance with your objectives and the project objectives. Here is a list (non-exhaustive) on the possible activities:

  • analyzing the status quo in the territory
  • designing local action plans
  • carrying out studies
  • organizing thematic workshops
  • realizing pilot activities

The Thessaloniki Liaison Office is at your service in the mentioned process. Moreover, through partner search seminars and the network of IPA, National Contact Points can help you find the most suitable project to join. Following the approval, the Managing Authority and the Lead Partner can sign a Subsidy Contract. This contract includes the eventual IPA funding allocated to the operation. It has to be noted that a mechanism of advanced payments for IPA Partners - as it was already the case in the last programming period – has to be developed in the description of management and control systems of the new Programme.



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