Liaison MED - IPA

Our MED-IPA Liaison Officer:

Kirill Dimanopoulos

Liaison Office MED-IPA

65 Georgikis Scholis Ave.,

57001 Pylaia, Thessaloniki



Phone: +30 2310 469 676





Why a Liaison Office MED/IPA?

In the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Basin, the Mediterranean area “meets” the Balkan Peninsula. Territorial Cooperation is very active here and a number of cooperation programmes are operating in the area. Part of this area, the IPA countries of the Western Balkan wish to cooperate.

The mentioned elements are defining the two main objectives of the Thessaloniki Liaison Office of the MED Programme as follows:

  • To facilitate the participation of the IPA countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro) to the MED programme.
  • To facilitate the capitalization and coordination between the MED programme and others transnational cooperation programmes of the area.

Focus on potential IPA partners... 


Are you coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro (MED IPA zone) and looking for the “transnational experience”?  Do not hesitate to join the MED Programme! Why is it beneficial for you? This is a question which is easy to answer. First of all the MED Programme follows the so-called Integrated Management of IPA funds, this means that there is a joint envelope of IPA budget for Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Like this the available funding is much more than before. Secondly the MED Programme provides advanced payment for IPA partners at the beginning of the project implementation up to 10% of its budget to help in overcoming liquidity problems. At last but not least the Thessaloniki Liaison Office is at the services of IPA partners to identify and join the most suitable project proposals.

Cooperation and coordination in concrete...


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