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MED Newsflash 9 - summer 2013

What is in today's Newsflash?

  • A cruise to the MED future - October 2013
  • Sharing borders, growing closer - ECD in September 2013
  • The MED 10th Member State
  • Short update on the Open Data Week
  • Upcoming events

Join the cruise!

Seven years of transnational cooperation in the Mediterranean area, materialized in 144 colorfully mixed projects producing manifold results in various working fields. On 23rd and 24th October, the annual event will offer the possiblity to cruise through the past, the present via the MED future.

During this event, you will find out what has concretely been produced, how to access it and use it. These results in our suitcases, were they worth the resources and efforts invested? What is available to transfer and (re)use those results? And finally, what will follow next, which new developments shall be initiated, how will future cooperation funds be invested, with the new programming period starting only next year?

+1=28! A new Member State

Since July 2013 Croatia joins the European Union and thus makes the 10th Member State in the MED Programme. We asked the Deputy Minister for European Affairs, M. Hrvoje Marušić about his opinion:  

Mr. Marušić, Croatia successfully joined the EU although Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will still remain IPA countries also in the next programming period. Which element of your participation in ETC Programme’s you would highlight as the most profitable one to the Croatian EU Integration? 

Stability in our neighbourhood is in common interest of both Croatia and the EU. Croatia remains fully committed to sharing its experience and expertise with the countries in the region since the European perspective is a guarantee of stability and security. In this context, ETC is simple and quite inexpensive path to more integrated Europe. ETC is particularly influential in thematic areas like energy efficiency, innovation, environment and risk prevention, transport and communication links and maritime issues. Cooperation in these areas will contribute to the international position and promotion of the interests of Croatia, particularly in bilateral relations with the neighbouring countries.

European Cooperation Day - September 2013

The MED Programme will celebrate the 2013 European Territorial Cooperation Day in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Valencia, Spain.

Cooperation with Colors and Cycling in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not only the EU accesion, but also the prosperous cooperation with neighbours will be celebrated in Croatia this year in the framework of the European Cooperation Day 2013, more specifically on 23rd September in Dubrovnik. Following the theme of a 'colorful cooperation', the celebration day starts with the involvement of the young European citizens: pupils from local schools will use colors to express their perception of cooperation and leave a mark in Dubrovnik's city center.

Afterwards, the motto is 'cycling for cooperation': a city wide cycling tour and a 'tour for cooperation' will take place. Three cycling themed projects will take part in these activities, inform about what they developed and how European cooperation helped to foster sustainable transport in cities: the CYCLO project from the MED Programme, the IRON CURTAIN TRAIL project (SEE Programme), Adria Move it! project (ADRIATIC Programme) and the BIKE 4TWF project (Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegowina Programme).  

In the third part of the day, music and dance will offer an enjoyful finale: the event will close with an folklore concert showcasing the Croatian traditions.

Don’t miss to join us in Dubrovnik!

Film Show in Valencia, Spain

The 'Filmoteca' of Valencia will host from 18th September to 1st October 2013 a film show which portrays the achievements and results of cooperation between European regions. The festival will feature a selection of films that will showcase the different facets of cooperation between regions, ranging from intercultural communication, migration, overcoming borders, to Erasmus scholarships and the resolution of conflicts in Mediterranean countries. The film show was developed by the 'Filmoteca de Valencia' in cooperation with three European Territorial Cooperation programmes with branch offices in Valencia: the MED Programme, INTERACT and the Mediterranean Sea Basin programme (ENPI CBC MED).

The list of films includes distinguished works such as “Lisbon Story” by Wim Wenders; “Caramel” by Nadine Labaki; “Auberge espagnole” by Cédric Klapisch; “Come as you are” by Geoffrey Enthoven; and “Ulysses’ Gaze” by Theo Angelopoulos. It will be opened during a launch event on September 18th at 8pm. Renowned personalities from the world of culture and cinema will attend the opening ceremony, as well as public authorities, including the regional Minister of Finance and Public Administration.

Come an join us! Further information on ivac.gva.es/la-filmoteca


European Cooperation Day 2013. Sharing borders, growing closer. More information at www.ecday.eu

OPEN DATA - a cross-sectoral theme...

The 'European Open Data Week', organised by the strategic project HOMER, was held in Marseille from 25-28 June 2013.

The Open Data movement has met a large success for the past years. After first experiments, the focus is now put on extending practices and finding audiences outside the technical community. The question on how to do so was in focus of the this years open data week and possible answers were discussed during various conferences and numerous workshops.

HOMER, with a budget of more than €3.5 million, focuses on the topic of open data, a world-wide policy aiming at making Public Sector Information (PSI) available and exploitable by recognising the benefits of making data open and reusable such as government transparency and the development of digital market. In line with the EU Digital Agenda, HOMER will facilitate the wider deployment of PSI in the Mediterranean area enabling public governments to better address the legal, cultural and technological challenges linked to PSI policy.

Upcoming events

  • 18 September - 1 October: Film show, European Cooperation Day, Valenica, Spain MORE
  • 19 September: COASTGAP Kick off: Coastal Governance and Adaption Policies in the Mediterranean. Ferrara, Italy   
  • 19 September: Capitalization strategy ElihMed, MARIE, PROFORBIOMED - energy efficiency in builindgs. Lijubliana, Slovenia MORE
  • 23 September: Cooperation with color and cycling, European Cooperation Day, Dubrovnik, Croatia MORE
  • 23-24 Octobre: A Cruise to the future MED - MED annual event, Lisbonne, Portugal MORE