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MED maritime projects: Jointly kicking off...

The 14 recently approved MED projects will come together for their joint Kick Off in Marseilles on 15th and 16th July 2014.

In April these projects were approved with a ERDF budget of around 5.4 Mio€. The objective of this last call was to put in place new relevant partnerships that could later be involved in implementing the operational programme 2014-2020 and thus to build a valuable bridge between the two programming period. In coherence with ‘Blue Growth’ and the development potential from the marine and maritime economic activities, these transnational partnerships shall explore specific related topics to establish a state of the art for the whole programme area or a sub-region and to propose orientations for potential future projects.

They will work on data collection, mapping, establishing a reliable state of the art and identifying policy gaps, lacks of common approaches and methodological frameworks, and other obstacles hindering transnational cooperation potential.

Due to their very specific approach, their short project live and the specific nature of expected results, one project has been approved to coordinate communication and capitalisation of all projects, the project 'MarinaMED'.

Find out more about...

This autumn: MED ON THE MOVE

In Octobre 2014 the MED Programme is organising a final event series. This time actors and stakeholders will not have to travel far, but are offered the possibility to meet the Programme in their area.

With numerous and manifold results, but also concrete proposals for future programme and project approaches in its suitcases, the Programme will visit the MED areas to exchange in a very close and direct dialogue with its stakeholders and partners, notably potential end-users and project partners as well as representatives of mainstreaming and cooperation programmes. Joinlty they will discuss about the role transnational projects shall play in their specific territory. The choice of thematic directions provided by the Common Strategic Framework was a starting point to strive for more coordination and complementarity between programmes and initiatives on different territorial level. Now concrete mechanisms for better mutual knowledge exchange and complementarity have to be elaborated to achieve integrated maritime solutions in the Mediterranean area.

Join one of five MED events in or close to your region from 13th to 20th of October 2014. More information will soon be provided on the MED website.


Capitalisation projects jointly bear fruit

Having worked in close collaboration and coordination since their very start, the 13 MED capitalisation projects have realised and will realise joint activities:

Thematic events...

The five MED capitalisation projects in the field of innovation and creative cluster organized a joint conference on April, 2nd in Marseilles. The projects involved were ACCELMED, CreativeMED, SHAPES, 3C4 INCUBATORS, CITEK.

The capitalisation projects specialised in the field of the green development organised the second event edition in the cycle of MED capitalisation events. The ECO-SCP MED, MER, MEDLAND2020 and ZEROWASTEPRO projects held an event on May, 15th in Bologna.

Jointly concluding in Brussels... 

Moreover, the capitalisation projects decided to jointly organise a final capitalisation event in Brussels in March 2015 to joinlty extract and illustrate the quintessence of the past years of cooperation.

The event will follow a two-fold approach: one main objective is to reflect on lessons learnt from the capitalisation call exercise. Another principal objective, more oriented to an external audience, is to conclude in a restricted set of general themes tackled by the projects: The 13 projects shed light on a wide range of specific issues, capitalising the experience of about 70 projects from previous MED calls and other EU programmes. Always combining “innovation” and “sustainable development” in different forms, these projects develop common/shared solutions with territorial impact – namely at regional scale.

More specifically, the foreseen activities aim at providing/improving solutions

  • to raise innovation capacities of SMEs and territories, particularly in the Creativity and Cultural sector;
  • for sustainable territorial management, namely concerning urban and coastal areas, as well as the attractiveness of depopulated areas(services).

We will keep you updated about this upcoming event.

MED-SEE Joint Communication Training

Around 100 representatives from more than 60 projects participated in the Joint Communication Training co-organised by the MED and the SEE Programmes on 2nd and 3rd of June in Bled (Slovenia). This training aimed at supporting project communication managers to best disseminate the results produced, increasing their impact and reaching an appropriate target audience.

Apart from the workshop and learning sessions, there was a valuable exchange of knowledge and practices between MED and SEE projects thanks to the different networking possibilities.


During the summertime, from end July to end August, the Joint Technical Secretariat will work with a small team in order to guarantee its availability. In urgent cases, please address the general JTS lines:

We thank you for your understanding and wish you an excellent summer time!