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Strategic calls : Selection Committee scheduled and a second call coming up!

Following the first strategic call for proposal opened on the 15th of April 2010 (preapplication between the 15th of  March and the 15th of April) and closed on the 15th of September , the JTS received 12 project applications. The Selection Committee scheduled for the end of February 2011 in Valencia (Spain), will decide on the projects to select.

Moreover, the Programme started preparing a second strategic call for proposal during the early spring 2011.This call will only concern the 3rd Priority Axis of the Operational Programme, for which the MED Programme only received few applications during the two previous traditional calls. Two brainstorming sessions to prepare the call  were hold on November, 16 and 17 to draw up the Terms of Reference. These two days brought up together national experts in the Transport and ICT fields and ensured very useful interactions on the main needs of the Programme and on the actions to carry out for the different themes tackled.


For its 4th annual event, the Programme organised a joint event with the South-East Europe Programme

© Programme MED
© Programme MED

On the 22nd and 23rd of September, the Programme annual event was organised in Thessaloniki (Greece).The event included a joint session with the South-East Europe Programme which gave the opportunity to discuss about the crucial issues on the IPA funds, as the 2 programmes have to deal with the IPA funds. Thanks to this initiative of the Greek Presidency, the 2 programmes also could interact with their partners and capitalise their respective experiences, in order to better prepare the future of the Balkans and Med area. The event brought together more than 350 participants from several countries from the Med area and Central Europe. Exhibitions presented the 2nd call projects and enabled communicating on the first significant results of the projects from the first call.

Feedback on the Programme Capitalisation

The programme is currently finalising the process for the implementation of the Programme Capitalisation. The selection of external experts to support the Programme should occur during January 2011 for a 4 year period. Once the selection is done, the experts selected will contact all projects financed by Programme MED, in order to organize the next set of work, in line with the Member States, The Managing Authority, and the Joint Technical Secretariat.


Programme evaluation process : the first report will be available soon

The Programme evaluation process launched at the end of 2009 is continuing. A first report should be available by March 2011. A representative sample of the MED projects has already been questioned by the experts in charge of the evaluation. The work will continue until 2012.


First steps for the IPA countries integration in the ERDF funds management

At the request of the European Commission, the MED Programme Member States (EU and IPA) accepted to integrate the IPA funds management to the ERDF funds management. It will then be under the unique responsibility of the Managing Authority “Conseil Regional PACA      “ and no more shared with EC delegations in the candidate countries for adhesion.the OP is being modified for this objective. It is currently undergoing validation by the European Commission services. The new management will not be retroactive and will exclusively be about the 2010-2013 funds.


The Liaison office MED/IPA in Thessaloniki : Focus on the IPA integration

© Programme MED
© Programme MED

What is the objective for the  integration ?

The IPA funds integration should enable the partners coming from candidate countries or potential candidates to participate more actively in the MED Programme. Moreover, this integration is highly beneficiary for the Programme as the IPA countries are able to participate more actively in the implementing of strategic objectives.


What are the key steps ?

Once the Steering Committee gave its agreement on the Strategic Integration, the Programme organised the first steps. In order to offer the opportunity to interact and discuss on that key issue, common to the MED and South East Programmes, a joint session was organised during the Programme MED annual event. Eminent representatives from the European Commission and from the west Balkans countries joined up with the panel for informing the audience with the latest information available on the matter. This interaction was an open dialogue: On the one hand, the EC made a reminder on the reasons which motivated the IPA funds integration. On the other hand, the IPA countries expressed their satisfaction about that initiative. Eventually, both Programmes formulated their will to cooperate and explained the different necessary steps for the implementation of the Process. The OP modification is going through the validation process and is scheduled for the end of the year. At the validation, the Programme will have reached a first legal step in that complex process. The Liaison Office in Thessaloniki will keep you updated with the evolution.

You can download the presentation given during the joint event on the Programme MED website, under the news and events section.

To contact the MED/IPA Liaison office in Thessaloniki :

Kirill Dimanopoulos
65 Georgikis Scholis Ave.,
GR-57001 Pylaia, Thessaloniki
Tel.+30 2310 469 676


New project websites

In the framework of project implementation from the 2nd call, new websites were launched recently:

- MEID : www.medmeid.eu
- WIDE: www.wideinnovation.net
- TEMA: http://www.temamed.eu
- ZeroCo2: www.medzeroCo2.eu
- Maremed: http://www.maremed.eu/
- KnowInG: http://www.knowing-project.eu/
- In.FlOW.ence: http://www.inflowence.eu/

The PACMan, FOR CLIMADAPT and MED TECHNOPOLIS projects will launch their websites very soon: 

- PACMan: www.pacmanproject.eu
- FOR CLIMADAPT: www.forclimadapt.eu



The Liaison Office MED/ENPI CBCMED Mediterranean Basin in Valencia

© Programme MED
© Programme MED

Now we can say that the Liaison Office MED-ENPI CBC MED, located in Valencia, is complete. Since the 1st of October, the ENPI’s Branch Office is fully running, with Vincent Ernoux for the Liaison Office and Eduardo Lázaro for the Antenna. From the Med Programme we wish them all the best and we hope a narrow and fruitful collaboration between both programmes. 


Liaison office MED-ENPI Mediterranean Basin 
Mercedes Acitores Franzón
Generalitat Valenciana
Regional Ministry on Economy, Treasury and Employment
General Direction of Economy
C/  Cronista Carreres 11, 4º
46003 Valencia (Spain)
E-mail: acitores_mer@gva.es
Phone: +34 96 192 26 21
Fax: +34 96 391 19 23

ENPI CBCMED Programme : Results concerning the first call for proposals

On the 13th and 14th of December, the ENPI Joint Monitoring Committee met in Valencia to approve a list of 31 projects for a total amount of 42,5 million euros. The list of adopted projects will now be transmitted to the European Commission for inter-services consultation. The Mediterranean Neighbourhood programme is proud for the high level of participation from Mediterranean partners, especially considering the complexity of building and monitoring partnerships on a basin scale. The proposals, which involve the 14 participating countries, cover the 4 thematic Programme areas and focus on innovative actions in the fields of water management, renewable energies, tourism, culture and mobility.


ENPI CBCMED Programme : Information on the strategic calls for proposal

The JMC has discussed a preliminary draft of the Terms of Reference for the call on strategic projects, in view of its final adoption during the next JMC meeting, scheduled at the end of March.The themes which have been chosen by the participating countries for this kind of call are the following:

- Sustainable tourism
- Waste treatment and recycling component
- Water component
- Solar energy
- Integrated coastal zone management
- Agro-food.



Information and contacts MED Programme

For more information and to get updated on the programme and projects' latest news, we invite you to regularly visit our website at: www.programmemed.eu