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Dear Reader,

as every year, we send you the christmas edition of the MED Newsflash offering a short retrospective on a year 2013 full of cooperation activities and an outlook on the upcoming year 2014 initiating the new programming period.

We hope you enjoy reading and wish you a merry Christmas!

Today, the MED Programme is in a crucial phase. A big part of projects has been finalised, while another important part of projects preparing the strategic future of the programme are carried out:

  • 41 projects of the second call have finalised their project realisation in 2013.
  • Thus, the 101 classical projects of the first and the second call have finalised their activites. For these, 115 Mio€ ERDF were initially programmed of which around 87% have been totally consumed.
  • After a one year of thematic clustering and concept development, 13 capitalisation projects have been approved in spring 2013 with a total budget of 14,5 Mio€ ERDF. These projects involve more then 140 partners from former MED projects, but also with some fresh input from outside the MED area. Thanks to this capitalisation call and the maritime call, the programme will manage to programme the whole foreseen budget.
  • Thus, 43 projects are being carried out at the moment, most of them finalising 2015.

Find all these projects in the online project database which will be updated, optimised and refreshed in 2014.


MED Results Library


The library of final project results has already been launched in 2012, but was filled with results during the whole last year. Today, the library contains 321 results from first call projects. During spring 2014, it will be completed with the results of the second project call... FIND MORE 


European Cooperation Day

The MED Programme activities were carried out in Dubrovnik and Valencia organised by our Liaison Officers:

'Cooperation with Colors and Cycling' was the motto in Dubrovnik. The day started with a bicycle tour around Dubrovnik and then continued with the "colors" in Pile (historical centre of Dubrovnik), where local pupils together with professional artists were drawing about the cooperation. The bicycle tour was also a demonstration of cooperation as three projects from three different programmes about cycling joined the organisation team. Finally Linđo the traditional folklore band closed the day with a fantastic concert.

The 'Valencia film festival': This festival was developed by the “Filmoteca de Valencia” in cooperation with three European Territorial Cooperation programmes including branch offices in Valencia. The list of films includes distinguished works such as “Lisbon Story” by Wim Wenders; “Caramel” by Nadine Labaki; “Auberge espagnole” by Cédric Klapisch; “Come as you are” by Geoffrey Enthoven; and “Ulysses’ Gaze” by Theo Angelopoulos.

Cruise to the MED future

On 23rd and 24th October 2013 MED project partners, MED stakeholders and MED programme involved met for a cruise from the past, via the present towards the future of the MED Programme. Seven years of transnational cooperation materialized in 144 colorfully mixed projects producing manifold results in various working fields... 

Find a video summary and manifold interviews here on our Youtube channel and other documentation here.

Public online consultation

In the framework of the programme 2014-2020 development, a public consultation has been carried out in autumn 2013. A complete report will be provided in January 2014.

Here some short quantitative updates: 444 persons participated to the online survey. They represented 389 different structures. 279 surveys were completely filled in, but the remakrs in those not completed were yet taken into consideration. The representation per country was rather equitable. Compared to their actual programme involvement, a high amount of SMEs participated to the survey.


Task Force decisions - to be continued...

In the last Task Force meeting, some crucial thematic dierctions have been decided, namely the 4 programme priority axis (derived from the 11 thematic objectives of the Common Strategic Framework) and the investment priorities.

More Task Force meetings are foreseen in February and March 2014 to continue the progamming process, e.g. further precision of specific objectives and expected activities. It is foreseen to submit the Operational Programme to the European Commission in May 2014.

Maritime call

The very last call launched in the MED programme 2007-2013 is concentrating on a maritime integrated approach, inspired by the Commission’s Blue Growth strategy. The call will close on 10th of January 2014.