Where the « audit costs » must be included?

Expenditures for audits, when they are carried out by external auditors, have to be included in the external expertise budget category. If audits are carried out by an internal auditor, independent of the project management, the expenses will have to be budgeted and entered in the budgetary heading “Staff costs”. Please contact your national delegation in order to be aware on the specific information of the country concerning the expenditures control modalities.

Is there a budgetary limit for the subcontracting?

The program has not established a ceiling for the external expertise budget category. According to the Implementation Guide, these expenses are acceptable if within the partnership there are no necessary competences to carry out these activities.


The added value of this kind of service must be clearly proved as external expertise costs may change the nature of the partnership essential purpose.


which is the level of flexibility to modify the budgets between the pre application and the application?

The differences between the budget approved during the pre application and the budget submitted for the application should be minor, given that the project was selected on the basis of the budget presented during the pre application phase.

Do we have to detail all types of expenditures per partner within each expenditure category enclosing also the number of units and the cost per unit?

You should fill-in the budget per partner and per budget category in the working plan (part 5.1) and these figures will be automatically recorded in the section V.

Are the preparation costs compulsory?

The preparation costs are not compulsory. They are eligible between the 1st January 2007 and the day when the final application is sent by the Lead partner within the deadline of the 31 October 2008 for the first call for application.

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