Who can submit a project?

For each axe, you can find a non-exhaustive list of the potential beneficiaries in the programme’s User Guide.

For illustration, the following institutions can present a project: State, regions, local institutions, public organisations, parks, civil protection, training institutions and research centres, professional organisations and other public equivalent bodies.

What are the Lead Partner’s responsibilities?

Lead partner is a particular status, with some major financial and legal obligations:

  • He represents all the partners in regard to the Managing Authority, the Certifying Authority, the Joint Technical Secretariat, the Member states and the European Commission,
  • He is the beneficiary of the ERDF subventions and signs the subsidy contract with the Monitoring Authority,
  • He is responsible for the coordination, the realisation and the financial monitoring of the project,
  • He commits himself to respecting the partnership agreement signed with each partner,
  • He assembles all the payment claims with certified expenses of the partners, proceeds to the ERDF credits payment requests and transfers the due part of subvention to each partner, in the shortest time-limit,
  • He assumes the project’s global accountancy and collects all the financial documents, checking that every partner holds a book-keeping regarding his participation in the project,
  • He keeps available for the Commission, the Monitoring Authority or the national institutions all the documentation concerning the project implementation, up to three years after the payment,
  • He accepts the control of the European services and of the administrations co-financing the project concerning its implementation and the use of the subvention allocated.

The Lead partner also commits himself to taking in charge the project information and publicity, according to the regulations (EC) n° 1083/2006, articles 8 & 9.

How to find partners?

You can look for partners or projects through different means:

  • the partners forum of the Med web site, where you can consult or pass advertisements
  • the data base of the Med web site, that classifies all the Med projects and partners
  • the « Partner Forum » seminars, frequently organized
  • the national contact points

How many partners have to be involved in an operation?

To be eligible as a transnational project, the only condition is the participation of partners coming from at least three different Member states of the EU in the eligible area of the MED Programme.

However, to improve the project impact for the entire MED space, it is highly recommended to enlarge the partnership by grouping together institutions from various countries.

There is no maximum concerning the number of partners. However, a project associating too many partners will encounter a higher monitoring complexity and important coordination costs.

Can private partners participate in Med operations?

Not only public but also private organisations can participate to the Med programme. Furthermore, and to ensure a real impact to the projects, partnerships associating public and private actors are strongly encouraged. However, the concrete rules of participation are quite different.

The 2007-2013 programming period tends to foster the participation of private bodies, giving them the possibility to obtain ERDF funds, as far as it does not interfere with the rules of competition.

The private partners can participate to a project as beneficiary of an EDRF fund (subject to conditions) or as associated partner, working for the project implementation without receiving ERDF fund. In the first case, as private contributions cannot stand for national contributions, the Lead partners must make sure that public funds will complete all the ERDF subventions given to an economic actor.

Beside this, a private organisation can take part of a project as service provider, selected through a public works contract according to the national and european regulation. In this case, it is not considered a partner.

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