Which type of operation is founded?

In the new programming period 2007 - 2013, projects must evolve in order to strengthen their transnational dimension and to ensure concrete and measurable outputs and results impact.

Transnational projects cannot be based only on the objective to create knowledge and to exchange experiences between partners. They must be based on strategies aiming to bring a concrete contribution to the realisation of the programme Axes and Objectives.

Indicative types of project activities for the implementation of the Med programme:

  • Setting up and development of transnational strategies for institutional networks
  • Coordination of actors and elaboration of common strategies
  • Setting up and development of common systems and common operational tools
  • Setting up of transnational networks ensuring Promoting coherence and coordination of public policies
  • Dissemination of technologies, processes, know-how, innovative management systems at transnational level
  • Elaboration of pilot projects and experimental equipments tools with a transnational dimension

What is the difference between a traditional and a strategic call for proposals?

The Med Monitoring Committee defines and launches two types of call for proposals:

  • Traditional calls for projects, concerning all the operational programme axes and objectives,
  • Strategic calls for projects, guiding Lead parners towards specific themes, intervention fields.

Which are the ERDF co-financing rates?

The ERDF co-financing rate is 75% for France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom, 85% for Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia.

How is the financing shared out among ERDF, national contributions and self-financing?

The ERDF finances 75% (France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and United Kingdom or 85% (Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia) of the project’s budget.

The remaining part has to be funded by other means: the national contributions. These national contributions can consist in self-financing for a public partner or equivalent.

Each partner must request national contributions to its country’s national, regional or local institutions. The procedures are different for each state; contact your national coordination. In Italy, for instance, a rotational national fund ensures the payment of the national contributions responding to the ERDF subvention.

How long can operations within Med last?

The pertinent duration is different for each project and has to be defined with the programme authorities. For coherence, the classical projects should not exceed three years.

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