In which language shall I write my project?

When you register on PRESAGE, you have to select the reference language of your project. Nevertheless, two sections MUST be submitted in French AND in English: "Short description" and "Summary of the project". During your application, if you are asked to give data in both language, simply translate or fill in the boxes with information in your reference language. This might be a mistake of the software that won't have any consequence on the evaluation of your project. 

Is it possible to send commitment letters and the partnership agreement by fax or in digital format (by scanner), if it is not possible to send the original versions in due time?

For any questions regarding the procedure and modalities for the submission of the final application, please refer to the document “submission of the final application : procedures to respect" available on the right column of this page.

What is « administrative code » ?

The administrative code is the code which enables the identification of bodies and institutions of each Member State by the fiscal Administration.

The JTS doesn’t have a list establishing the administrative codes for each Member State.


Thereby, in order to receive a clear and definitive answer, it is acutely advised to enquire with the national contact points, the only authorities able to give a correct answer to this question.


Is there a limit for the management costs?

Management and Coordination expenses belong to the component 1 and concern all the expenditure related to the administrative, legal and financial activities which are necessary to run a Med project (administrative and financial management, coordination of the partnership, strategic management of the project…). It is recommended that the Management and Coordination costs represent a reasonable share of the total budget and, in general, they should not exceed 15% of the global budget.

Is there a limit for the overheads?

Overheads include phone, fax, internet, stationary, photocopies, post expenses, office rent, electricity, heating, etc. In the case of indirect expenses, they must be affected in proportion with the project according to an equitable and duly justified method. These costs must be directly necessary for the activities and the implementation of the project. The overheads dully justified can be refunded up to a maximum of 7% of the total budget of the project

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