Information seminars on the targeted calls for project proposals

Various information seminars on transnational and national level will be organised in order to provide all necessary technical information on the call launched on 10th of February 2012 (Innovation/Energy) and on the call launched on February, 27th 2012 (Transports). Please find an overview and relevant documents to be downloaded here:


Infodays on Transnational level


Transnational Applicants' seminar in Montenegro: March, 2nd 

The second transnational MED IPA seminar concluded with a complete success on the 2nd of March in Podgorica, Montenegro. During the seminar an exceptional high interest was shown. More than 100 participants raised very relevant questions and explained their experiences in participating to Cooperation Programmes and projects. The seminar was opened by Ms. Ratka Sekulovic from the Montengrin Ministry. After a brief presentation of Montenegrian participation in transnational Cooperation Programmes, the JTS informed about the programme and the opened call for proposals. Later the Thessaloniki Liaison Office presented jointly with the IPA National Contact Points the role of the Office and the services offered by the NCPs to the partners. The afternoon was about project ideas and questions. Seven project ideas were presented also by Lead Partners. The seminar was closed by an active questions and answer session. After such a viable event we hope to welcome many IPA partners in MED projects soon!


Transnational Applicants Seminar in Marseille: March, 6th

This event was organised by the Joint Technical Secretariat and provided information on the contents and the procedures of the open calls. An exchange of project ideas was facilitated.



Infodays on national level


Croatian infoday in Zagreb: February, 21st  

A national infoday was organised on 21st of February in Zagreb, Croatia. The infoday was organised by the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds with the contribution of the Thessaloniki Liaison Office and the Joint Technical Secretariat. The participants were informed about the opportunities offered by the targeted MED call opened on 10th of February 2012 and about the modalities and technicalities of the participation. The participants were offered useful hints on the services offered by the Thessaloniki Liaison Office. For more information contact: Mr. Neven Crvenkovic ( ) and Mr. Kirill Dimanopoulos ( ).


Spanish infoday in Valencia: Februrary, 28th

The Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administration (National Contact Point), together with the MED Programme and in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government Of Valencia) organised a national seminar to inform potential applicants about the targeted call.


Slovenian infoday in  Litija: March, 7th

The Slovenian infoday took place on 7th March from 9h to 13.30h in the premises of the Municipality of Litija in Litija. Beside the information on the MED targeted call, the event offered also opportunities for exchange of needs and ideas in the thematic areas of the calls and for networking between interested organisations. At the event SLOVENIAN language has been used. 

For more information please contact national contact point for MED programme, Ms. Eva Stare by email:,  or by phone: +386 1 478 7023.


Albanian infoday in Tirana: March 12th

A National Information Day has been organized in Tirana, Albania on 12th of March. All interested Albanian organizations were welcomed to participate and learn the new possibilities offered by the MED Programme. The event took place at the Sallon Europa at the premises of the Ministry of Integration (Rr. Papa Gjon  Pali II, Nr.3, Nr. 8302, Tirana).


French infoday in Marseille: March, 13th 

The French infoday took place on 13th March from 13:30h to 16h in the premises of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (salle de la Commission permanente, Hôtel de Région, Marseilles).

For more information please contact: Marie-Sophie PERROTTE,


Italian infoday in Florence: March, 15th  

The Italian infoday took place in Florence on March, 15th 2012 (and not in Naples). The event was be organised by the Tuscany Region - Italian National Contact Point. The objective was to inform the potential applicants about the modalities of the participation to the opened targeted call. Potential partners had the possibility to present their project ideas. The language of the infoday was ITALIAN.


Bosnian infoday in Tuzla: March, 27th 

The Chamber of Economy Tuzla organized an information session on the 27th of March in Tuzla for potential Bosnian beneficiaries. The main objective of the event wass to provide information to potential partners regarding the running call for proposals of Programme MED. Presentations have been hold by Ms. Mersiha Zuban as NCP for Bosnia and by Mr. Kirill Dimanopoulos from the Thessaloniki Liaison Office. For further information please contact Ms. Edina Kurtic ( or the Thessaloniki Liaison Office (

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