Targeted Call on priority axis 3, objetive 3.1



The call is targeted towards project proposals within priority axis 3, objective 3.1. It is focused on the strengthening of Mediterranean port activities and the improvement of EU accessibility. The main aim is to contribute to improve the flow of goods and passengers, the attractiveness of ports and the connection between sea and hinterland transport systems.

  • The indicative ERDF allocation for this call in objective 3.1 of the operational programme is maximum 16,9M€ Euros. The final allocation is subject to a further decision of the programme Monitoring Committee, and might be lower.
  • An IPA allocation of 327 000€ might be available for participation of IPA partners to this call, by the beginning of selected projects.
  • The minimum ERDF allocation for each project should be of minimum 1M€ and not exceed 3M€.
  • The recommended minimum IPA allocation, subject to confirmation of the budget allocation, is 85 000€.
  • The projects have to end before 30 of June 2015.




The full application (only 'one step') has to be submitted to the Joint Technical Secretariat until 27th April, 8.00 (GMT+1) through the following 3 ways:

  • by regular (hard copy) mail
  • by email

Please read very carefully the document 'Submission Procedures' to find out about all technical details of the submission. The non-respect of the procedure will entail the non-admissibility of your application. 




The 'Terms and References' and the 'Submission Procedures' set the thematic and technical framework of the call, thus you shoud study those two documents first. All relevant documents to be provided with the full application can be found in the 'Application Pack'. The 'Operational Programme' and 'Implementation Guide' will serve you as general guidance during the project development. The application form has to be filled in on the MED Programme's main Monitoring platform 'PRESAGE CTE' (further explanations in the application pack).  





Submit your project idea for partner search activities on this website and/or during the various applicants' seminars.




Open questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the


Joint Technical Secretariat


your National Contact Point


We warmly invite you to participate to infodays and applicants' seminars on national and transnational level.

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