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Why a Liaison Office MED/ENPI?

The MED transnational cooperation programme has a partially overlapping geographical coverage with the Mediterranean Sea Basin Neighbourhood Programme (ENPI CBC MED), in this case, as is stated on the EU regulations, both programmes need to be closely coordinated, in order to develop synergies and maximise their respective contribution. Such task is being carried out by the Liaison  Office MED/ENPI CBC MED, located in Valencia, following  3 main objectives:

  • To inform and guide potential beneficiaries on the particularities and differences between the MED and ENPI CBC MED Programme;
  • To promote exchange of experiences between the beneficiaries of MED and ENPI CBC MED areas;
  • To encourage and facilitate capitalisation of best practices and results achieved by the two programmes MED and ENPI CBC MED.




Dirección General de Proyectos y Fondos Europeos

Secretaria Autonómica de Hacienda y Presupuestos

Cronista Carreres, 11, 4A

E-46003 Valencia


Tel: +34-961922628

Fax: +34-961922611






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