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MED MARITIME PROJECTS ISSUES - Newsletter N°1 - July 2014
In this issue

- An Integrated Maritime Approach toward Blue Growth in the Med
- COM&CAP MarInA-Med Project
- Launch event of the Med Maritime Projects
-The MED Maritime Projects in a nutshell

Main Calendar of the next COM&CAP Events

FIRST CAPITALISATION SEMINAR "What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?"
29-30th October 2014
Termoli (Italy)

SECOND CAPITALISATION SEMINAR "Towards the framework conditions for the climate change adaptation in coastal areas for the Blue Growth in the Mediterranean"
10-11th November 2014
Rome (Italy)

10th December 2014
Marseille (France)

January 2015

March/April 2015

May 2015

An Integrated Maritime Approach toward Blue Growth in the Mediterranean

The objective of the MED programme integrated maritime approach call, launched last October 2013, is to put in place new relevant partnerships that will contribute to implementing the MED Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 and thus to build a valuable bridge between the two programming periods. In coherence with 'Blue Growth' and the potential development from the marine and maritime economic activities, the 14 projects that have been selected are dealing with Maritime innovation and economic development (priority 1), Environment protection (priority 2), Transport and accessibility (priority 3) and will establish a comprehensive state of the art (gap analysis, studies, maps) for the whole programme area and its sub-regions (e.g. the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region) and propose concrete orientations for potential future key projects and initiatives (Action plans, recommendations, guidelines).

COM&CAP MarInA-Med Project

COM&CAP MarInA-Med project is the horizontal and transversal action selected by the Med Program for coordinating the communication and the capitalization activity of all projects selected in the frame of the "Integrated Maritime Approach" call. Due to the short calendar of implementation of the maritime projects, the aim of the horizontal action is to ensure more efficiency, impact and produce specific synergies between the projects and external key stakeholders, through a joint and coordinated effort.

In this sense, COM&CAP MarInA-Med will be responsible for collecting, processing and disseminating the key results of the 13 maritime projects through an information exchange system and the organization of several key events to present and capitalize project results to the main public/private-sector beneficiaries with a view to use adapted to the different themes, prerogatives and political levels.

Some specific COM&CAP tools will be set up and will enhance the joint effort. In particular the project will develop a web platform for all the Med Maritime Projects, a promotional video and a final reportage, a common visual image, a target group data base and two final publications as a brochure and a policy paper that will enlighten in a coherent way all the main political and technical findings and recommendations of the projects.

In this sense, COM&CAP MarInA-Med will play a strategic role in Med programming for 2014-2020, in the promotion and exploitation of the technical and political messages to put forward by the EU institutions, key policy-makers (Cities, Provinces, Regions, States), Euro-Mediterranean and multilateral bodies working in the MED basin, universities, clusters, and MED maritime-based SMEs.

Launch event of the Med Maritime Projects (COM&CAP MarInA-Med – KICK-OFF MEETING)

The launch event of the 14 Med Maritime projects selected in the frame of the MED "integrated maritime approach" call took place July 15-16, 2014 in Marseille, France.

Organized by the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project, the event gathered more than 80 participants from the 14 projects, representing research centers, regional and local authorities, private entities, and port authorities, among others.

The event aimed to present the Action Plan detailing the communication and capitalization activities to be implemented toward the promotion of Blue Growth, while starting the cross fertilization dynamics foreseen by the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project to begin the exchanges of information to capitalize between the projects, foster future synergies, and promote the integrated maritime approach of this last call.

The Kick-off seminar was the first contact between the projects and activities such as a speed-dating experience (91 meetings in total for the projects to discover each other, their respective objectives and deliverables) and five thematic working groups (to be linked to various communication and capitalization events throughout the whole year) allowed the 14 projects to start reflecting on how crossing their activities, outputs and advocacy actions, could contribute to the integrated promotion of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.

The working groups dealt in particular with issues as the "uses of the seas" (with a focus on fisheries, tourism and environmental risks), the framework conditions for Blue Growth and macro-regional strategies in the Mediterranean (with a focus on sustainable coastal development, Maritime Spatial Planning and R&I), blue energy, maritime and coastal sustainable tourism and finally ports, accessibility and sustainable transport (with a focus on environment/pollution monitoring and smart ports).

During the works, the Joint Secretariat of the Med program underlined the need to take into account several key aspects in the development of the projects as coordination, transnationality, transferability, usability of projects deliverables and results and the importance to adapt reflections to the changing context and the findings in itinere.

The representatives of the Med maritime projects manifested their satisfaction concerning the development of the event as the possible synergies to be put in place in the future, in order to enrich and increase the impact of the projects results.

After this fruitful launch event COM&CAP MarInA-Med partnership - together with the JTS of the Med program look forward to successfully implement this challenging initiative for an integrated maritime approach for the Mediterranean.

The MED Maritime Projects

The Med-IAMER project (Integrated actions to mitigate environmental risks in the Mediterranean Sea) aims at providing recommendations of integrated trans-boundary actions required to mitigate environmental risks in the Mediterranean Sea.

N. I of Med Maritime Projects Issues coming soon in October 2014

The FishMPABlue project (Fisheries governance in the Marine Protected Areas. Potential for Blue Economy) aims to analyze existing conflicts between fishery and ecosystem components, and proposing adequate measures to solve them.

The ENERCOAST project (Renewable energies in the marine-coastal areas of the Adriatic-Ionian region) intends to elaborate the state of the art of the renewable energy sector, aiming at the development of technical and non-technical solutions to increase the use of such technologies.

The CAIMANs project (Cruise and passenger ship air quality impact mitigation actions) focuses on the air quality impact and greenhouse gases assessment of cruise and passenger ships on 5 MED port-cities for the current and future development scenario.

The CoRINThos project (Cluters maritimes au support de recherche et innovation pour développer l'entrepreneuriat de l'Economie Bleue) tackles R&D gaps as driving factors of maritime clusters identifying and contextualizing them through blue economy sectors and geographical eco-systemic synergies.

The BLUENE project (Blue energy for Mediterranean) aims to reach the following objectives: (1) mapping key actors, able to start a MED plan of intervention; (2) mapping existing initiatives linked to the Blue growth and (3) defining guidelines for next programme period.

The TOURMEDASSETS project aims at enhancing the growth potential of coastal tourism concentration through an innovative, green and inclusive mobilisation of Med area local assets).

The SMART-PORT project (Action plan towards the Smart Port concept in the Mediterranean Area) aims to analyze the situation of Med container ports based on the smart-port trends and to identify possible future approaches to enhance their leading role.

The POSEIDON project (Pollution monitoring of ship emissions: an integrated approach for harbours of the Adriatic basin) will investigate the impact on air quality of four major harbour in the Adriatic Sea area.

The MITOMED project (Models of integrated tourism in the Mediterranean) aims to promote an integrated management model of MED maritime and coastal tourism by improving the quantity and quality of data, information, products, services and policies of the sector.

The MERMAID project (Mediterranean Environmental Review Monitoring for port authorities through integrated development) aims to review the state of the art of Environmental Monitoring Systems operated by urban ports to optimize date use.

The NEMO project (Networking for the development of maritime tourism at EUSAIR level) intends to play its full part in shaping ecological and socio-economic transnational and holistic approach to develop an overview about fisheries related tourism in Adriatic/Ionian Regions.

The MEDTRENDS project (Future trends in the Mediterranean Sea) will map potential maritime economic growth at transnational level in Med-EU countries for the next 20 years.

More information soon available on www.medmaritimeprojects.eu